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In love with your dog, but not in love with their behavior? 

Custom behavior consulting to fit your needs. We will get your home & family on the same page, making progress towards your goals, with as much or as little hands on support as you need. 


  • Chewing 

  • Potty learning

  • Pulling on leash 

  • Jumping  

  • Excessive barking

Behavior Modification

  • Barks/lunges on leash

  • Fearful 

  • Anxious 

  • Human-directed aggression

  • Dog-directed aggression 

  • Resource guarding 

Problem Prevention

  • Looking to adopt a rescue

  • Preparing for a puppy

  • Preparing for a baby/children

  • Moving to a new environment

Behavior Concerns

Training Services

Behavior Assessment

We will meet in your home to see your dog's behavior in their environment. Together we can formulate a plan, and give immediate suggestions to support your behavioral goals. You will receive a comprehensive behavior & training plan and a summary will be sent to your veterinarian & veterinary behaviorist. 


$325 for a 1.5-2 hour behavior assessment

Basic Coaching Packages

Typically for this program we meet weekly or biweekly. This option is best for those interested in training themselves, but just need direction & guidance. ​


I will teach and demonstrate to you (the human) behavior modification techniques, then you will practice with your dog daily in between sessions.


Packages are depending on severity of behavior, but often costs


(5-12 sessions)

Private Tutoring Packages

For busy families, we suggest considering the intensive Private Tutoring package.

I'll work 1:1 with your dog 2-3 times per week, teaching them the basics, then transferring the skills to you once they're proficient. As a professional, I can get your dog going with the behaviors much faster, then teach you how to maintain them in your daily life.

Packages are depending on severity of behavior, but often costs​


(15-20 sessions)

Book an Assessment
Getting Started

How dog behavior consulting works

15 min Free Phone Consult 

Optional phone call, to answer any questions about the process, and confirm if we are a good fit. Click below to

Complete the Behavior Questionaire

I'll send you a form to complete. This will make the Assessment more efficient.

Behavior Assessment

Meet & greet at your home. Gather history, determine scope of the problem, send a follow up with immediate suggestions & complete training plan.

Begin Training

Basic Coaching or Private Tutoring lessons begin, with homework, handouts, and videos. 

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